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WHO MAGAZINE showcases portraits of people and places that are symbolizing contemporary streams. WHO MAGAZINE is portraying tv and filmstars and supermodels as well as students and neighbours. All people are stars, all around us in their specific and exciting inviroments. This issue features portraits of german movie stars photographed by Olaf Kroenke with little essays according the the encounter. There are Numerous qr-codes that are linked to additional content online, like making-of clips, soundtracks and websites.

Beautiful and expressive black and white photographs in a unique style printed on thick, aquarell-like paper proper packed in airtight plastic foil.

Featured artists:
Andreas Pietschmann, Anna Fischer, Anna Maria Kaufmann, Benjamin Sadler,
Birge Schade, Carolina Vera, Caroline Peters, Catrin Striebeck, Erdal Yildiz,
Henning Baum, Jannis Niewöhner, Jeanette Hain, Joel Basman, Katharina Schubert,
Maria Ehrich, Marisa Leonie Bach, Maxim Mehmet, Nadja Bobyleva, Peter Jordan,
Rudolf Kowalski, Sandra Borgmann, Susanne Wuest, Thekla Reuten, Ken Duken,
Michael Roll, Siir Eloglu

About Olaf Kroenke:
Olaf Kroenke is already classic. His passion are people and places. The world as a studio, the people in rollplays and the locations as a stage. And all of this combined as an expression of a little truth and tension of the todays world.'No matter if you photograph a human, a landscape or a product, it always turns out to be a portrait', the multiple awarded photographer and director says. ' Every element takes a roll, becomes a figure that tells a story.'Olaf, since years a professor at the world famous Miami Ad School, loves the messages provided by sports. 'I read the the sportarticles as a feulliton and the feullitons as sports. The man becomes real in the compitition, the rise and fall are spiritual experiences and is expression, a blueprint of life.'His other huge passion is music. The experiencing of what moves man. Olaf composes all the soundtracks of WHO Magazine and his videoclips and is, from time to time, on stage himself.As wide as Olafs' talented spectrum, as wide is his range of stuff he is doing. He portrays celebrities and personalities, takes photographs and shoots movies for advertising and magazines, makes client magazines and katalogues, publishes his own magazine and produces films and photos also for his online tv channel and his art projects. And there is an Olaf Kroenke photocollection available with limited editions. You might like to invest and collect from the Sylt and New York series. These series will be followed by further portfolios.No matter what kind of tools Olaf is working with on his excursions and trips, no matter who or what he is taking pictures of, it will always turn out like his credo: 'Cool as shit'.

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FotografOlaf Kroenke
Format210x 297 mm
Umfang32 intensive ad-free pages printed on Enviro Top 80g