- Beyond Control

Stephan Ziehen Beyond Control

This book is a journey of Stephan Ziehens photographs over the last 15 years. It’s about music as an inspiration and soundtrack of his work. It’s about collaborating with exciting and challenging stylists, hair & make-up artists, models, and art directors. But very often the result was “Beyond Control”.

„Which were the most exciting days for me, when the results were out of my hands. I tried to deliver what was commercially right, but didn’t always succeed. Often my own vision was too strong, so the picture came out that they were right for me but not always in a commercial sense. I couldn’t help it. Still, I hope you enjoy this journey into my world. Scan in, listen to the music and flick through the pages.“

Stephan Ziehen lives and works in Hamburg, Germany, from where he frequently commutes to London and Berlin. He mainly focuses on beauty and fashion photography, and recently added portrait photography to his portfolio.

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FotografStephan Ziehen
Format27 x 27 cm
Umfang116 Seiten, 70 Abbildungen, Flexocover mit Schuber