- Monkey, The Lake and other Lies

Per Morten Abrahamsen Monkey, The Lake and other Lies

A prolific name in Danish photography, Per Morten Abrahamsen’s radical and instinctive methods have earned him a reputation as a true master of staged portraiture and the tableau narrative. As a photographer, Abrahamsen is on a constant search for the defining uniqueness of his subjects, while simultaneously casting them as props in his internal and autobiographical storylines.

Monkey, The Lake and other Lies is a collection of Per Morten Abrahamsen’s recent work, and serves as a powerful display of the central voice that cuts through and binds together the immense artistic range of his pictures.

From the faded scenery of a traumatizing road trip or the yearlong exploration of a suburban lake as a backdrop for childhood re-enactments, to intricate studio scenarios involving experimental light manipulations and water encapsulated faces, Abrahamsen’s imagery is absolutely immersed in its subject matter and maintains an acute sense of beauty in an otherwise provocative and boundary pushing body of work.

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FotografPer Morten Abrahamsen
Format24 × 30,5 cm
Umfang160 Seiten, Hardcover, Fadenheftung