Michael Schnabel - Cages

Michael Schnabel Cages

German photographer Michael Schnabel’s large-format images of zoo interiors in Germany and Switzerland resonate with a minimalist beauty, which oddly emphasizes their mid-century modernist architecture.
The photograph entitled Elephants/Rhinoceri, Stuttgart is one of the most striking examples of Schnabel’s eye for symmetry, light and color. An aqua wading pool patinaed by algae takes up the bottom half of the image. Cool light from windows high up floods the top half, washing the concrete walls in pale blue. Centered in the composition is a tan-colored observation deck that overlooks the pool...
Schnabel’s design sensibility is well supported by his technical competence, honed through his profession as a commercial photographer and artist working in Europe. Like The Cage Series some of his earlier work masterfully suggests mood, like a series in which he focused on mountains viewed from above at night. Schnabel’s formalist aesthetic is so visually seductive that one is tempted to simply overlook any meanings associated with the subject matter. In the Cage Series, fortunately there are plenty of poignant clues.

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