Philippe Brunel, Karsten Migels - CAPTURED.

Tino Pohlmann CAPTURED.

The Myth Tour de France

For 10 years the photographer Tino Pohlmann has accompanied,
lived and suffered with the Tour de France. The pictures
“reek of burning sweat, pounding blood, melted tar, mown grass
and swirling dust, of sun and summer rain. You feel as one with
the suffering bodies of the riders, and also with the happy crowds
eating and drinking as they wait by the roadside. You feel that you
want to literally climb inside the photos, put your arm around
the defeated rider and give him some words of encouragement,
or raise a glass with the spectators by the road enjoying their baguettes
and wine.” (taken from Karsten Migels foreword “The Flavor of the Tour” )

Tino Pohlmann: “Looking back, you get back much more than
you put in. CAPTURED. is about my very personal relationship
with the race, the roads and its cyclists.” Based in Berlin, Tino
Pohlmann focuses on portraits, sport and landscape photography.
Tino himself has been road racing since he was nine. He finally
started his own Tour de France-Project with a Diploma in design
at HTW Berlin in 2004. He published his diploma thesis in 2005
with his first picture book about the Tour: “Rotation, Contraction,

The book will be launched and the exhibition will open on 28th
June 2013, just in time for the start of the 100th Tour de France,
at the Galerie Epicentro art, Berlin.

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AuthorPhilippe Brunel, Karsten Migels
PhotographerTino Pohlmann
EditorChristian Thill
Art-DirectionSusanne Grote, Editorial Design
Format24 x 30 cm
Size192 pages, Hardcover, half-linen, 144 pictures, FRA, ENG, DEU