- Desert Rebels

Steffen Schulte-Lippern Desert Rebels

Moroccan motorcycle culture

Barren mountains, endless sand dunes: In the middle of the desert,a tuned motorbike struggles up a heap of sand. Photographer Steffen Schulte-Lippern and the graphic designer Davis Pahl are thrilled by this bizarre encounter in the middle of the desert of Morocco. Soon the idea is born to publish an illustrated book about these bikers.
On their over 2 800-mile journey across Morocco, they take pictures of many desert sons who have tuned their bikes and mopeds: colourful carpets and flashy stickers decorate the locals’ bikes they are speeding along the breakneck routes with. Two-wheelers mean mobility for the young Moroccans. But that’s not all: like in any other culture, motorcycles symbolise freedom and independence. Numerous fantastic pictures show the desert rebels with their bikes.

Just as fascinating as the social and cultural contrasts is the landscape diversity, as the pictures also capture the beauty of Morocco’s rougher regions.

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HerausgeberSteffen Schulte-Lippern
PhotographerSteffen Schulte-Lippern
Format24 × 32 cm | 9.4 × 12.6 inches
Size164 pages, over 100 photographs, Softcover, 8-page-stitching
LanguageEnglish / German