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The space project is the result of almost ten years of careful preparation and determination

"My intention is to bring the material [35mm fi lm] into the image itself: “as in a painting, where you see the stroke of the brush and the pigment on the canvas.“

It is the age-old human longing to map the great unknown. Thomas Kellner has been making photographs professionally since 1996 when he finished his studies at the University of Siegen and was awarded the Kodak Germany Young Professionals Prize. He began to develop his signature contact sheet method a year later, starting with one of the most photographed buildings in the world – the Eiffel Tower. From there he has traveled the world, primarily photographing famous monuments and buildings.

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HerausgeberThomas Kellner
PhotographerThomas Kellner
EditorRoy Flukinger, Allison Pappas, Melissa Noble
Format29 × 29 cm | 11.4 × 11.4 inches
Size48 pages, Hardcover
LanguageEnglish / German

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