- Views On Vegas

Views On Vegas

A Journey Beyond the Famous Strip

Las Vegas, the glittering metropolis in the Mohave Desert, is commonly known for its exorbitance. Despite the fact that the famous Strip is just a four-mile stretch, gambling, weddings and excessive parties are the main subjects to be associated with the city.

The book “Views On Vegas” by German photographers Daniel Rettig and Hendrik Schneider portrays the city aside of established clichés. Rettig and Schneider photographed inhabitants in their personal surroundings and conducted intimate interviews about their relationships with this allegedly unusual place of residence.
Images of the city deliberately play with common expectations and complement the journey beyond the famous Strip.The combination of photographs and interviews provides unusual and very personal insights.

“Views On Vegas” is a snap-shot of a city in a constant state of change – a book for everyone interested in taking a look behind the neon facade!

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PhotographerDaniel Rettig, Hendrik Schneider
Art-DirectionDaniel Rettig, Hendrik Schneider
EditionFirst Edition
Format8.6 × 9.4 inches
SizeHardcover, thread-stitching, 232 pages, 112 photographs, 42 interviews, Printed in Germany