- autoalbum 04

Oliver Seltmann autoalbum 04

Contemporary german and international car photography

Inspiration and orientation for photographers & creatives.

With autoalbum 04, the 20 th book in the series of thematically organized photography yearbooks is now available. After eight years it is the first book, that we launch with a completele redesign. Cover, layout and typography show a new and modern touch.

More than 85 of the best german and international transportation photographers present themselves in the usual magnificent coffee-table format on 300 pages of high print quality.

The series by seltmann+söhne offers large-format photobooks in a beautifully printed and bound coffee-table format, arranged by different areas of photography. The various albums are released semi-annually and are updated every 2–3 years.

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HerausgeberOliver Seltmann
Format9.3 × 11.8 inches
Size300 pages, 85 photographers, hardcover softtouch, thread-stitching

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