Thomas Kellner FLUCTICULUS

Waves are found in various areas of life. There are acoustic sound waves, mechanical waves in physics, Mexican waves in football stadiums or waves in the water. The one thing they have all in common is their dynamic and power which arises from the movement of waves. The word´s origin can be traced back to the Old High German word “wellan” which roughly means “to revolutionize sth.”

The form of the wave not only brings movement but also change in Thomas Kellner´s contact sheets. His project „flucticulus“ breaks with his familiar creatio-nal method. Ceramic objects and collages extend his former art form, photography.

The German photo artist is known for his photographs of seemingly dancing architectural exterior and interior spaces of tourist attractions from all over the world. Although his photographs were produced in series, his work is unique because of his new artistic method, the „visual analytical synthesis“ in which he takes not one, but several carefully planned images to create a picture from many contact sheets.

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HerausgeberThomas Kellner
PhotographerThomas Kellner
Format9.4 x 11.8 inches
Size48 pages
Languageenglish, german

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