Dr. Heike Kanter, Pascal Thibeaut, Peter Wensierski, Ann-Christine Jansson - Turns / Umbrüche

Ann-Christine Jansson Turns / Umbrüche

Those Years 1980–1995

Adopting an outsider’s perspective, Ann-Christine Jansson provides a unique account of East German and West German history. In her brilliantly conceived approach, the Berlin-based Swedish photographer conducts a closer inspection of upheavals in Germany’s recent past – taking both the East and West into account.

The pictures in her immersive book capture key events from the 1980s, the fall of the Wall, and the subsequent radical changes in people’s lives. Jansson’s empathetic approach throws light on life in a divided Berlin, detailing the reactions to protests and resistance movements. The people who shaped these historical events are always at the heart of this book, with their feelings taking center stage. We can see what’s taking place by the expressions on their faces, be it fear, anger, joy. “Jansson’s viewpoint uncovers these people’s feelings. The photographer provides a piece of history from an entirely personal perspective.” (Rilo Chmielorz, freelance author for WDR).

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall and 70 years since Germany’s founding. In the backdrop of current debates surrounding Europe and the upsurge of right-wing populist movements, it is important to revisit the time before and after German reunification.

With texts from Dr. Heike Kanter, Pascal Thibaut and Peter Wensierski as well as an interview with the photographer Harald Hauswald and Ann-Christine Jansson conducted by Peter Wensierski.

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HerausgeberAnn-Christine Jansson
AuthorDr. Heike Kanter, Pascal Thibeaut, Peter Wensierski, Ann-Christine Jansson
PhotographerAnn-Christine Jansson
Art-DirectionStefan Küstner
Format10.6 × 9.4 inches
Size208 pages, hardcover (thread-stitched)
Languageenglish, german