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Thomas Kellner All Shook Up

Thomas Kellner's America

This anthology of Thomas Kellner, an artist from the German city of Siegen, is being published in celebration of his exhibition at the American Museum in Bath, England, and includes texts about his Anglo-American works, such as the Boston Athenaeum, the Hearst Tower, NASA‘s control center in Houston or the Grand Canyon. Richard Wendorf, Roy Flukinger, Freddy Langer, Alison Nordström, Allison Pappas and Roger Watson introduce the reader to Kellner‘s works in partly new essays.

About the artist:
Thomas Kellner (born in 1966 in Bonn) is a German photo artist who is known for his photographs of dancing buildings and interiors from all around the world. For over two decades, Kellner has been focusing on artistic forms of contact and has particularly been inspired by American cities, architecture and landscapes.

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AuthorThomas Kellner
PhotographerThomas Kellner
Format22,8 x 15,2
Size64 pages, 7 b/w pictures

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