Bernd Uhde - Black Album

Bernd Uhde Black Album

The surprising beauty of coal, ore and spoil piles.

From the helicopter, Bernd Uhde photographs the world in a vertical plan view. The purity of untouched nature is not the main thread in his enthralling repertoire of motifs - but rather the cultural landscape developed and designed by man. Therefore, coal tips, ore dumps and spoil piles compose the leitmotifs of the photographs compiled in this album, gleaming with a fascinating presence against black backgrounds.

All groups of works reflect the artist‘s interest in shapes and colors, in structures and textures and in the funda-mental principles of composition. And for this exact rea-son, Bernd Uhde‘s photographic position has repeatedly been compared to a painter‘s view - and justifiably so.

His artistic œuvre is characterized by the talent of discovering the unusual and mysterious and at the same time highly sensuous facets of a place by looking at it from a vertical view. The artist discovers scenic "paintings“ and the aesthetic potential of these visual finds is only unleashed and only reveals itself through the abstracted view from the distance.

After his quickly sold out „White Album“, „Black Album“ is the artist‘s fourth photo album published by seltmann+söhne.

About the artist:
Bernd Uhde studied painting at the Berlin University of the Arts and film at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). His large-format works have been showcased in various exhibitions and publications all over Europe.

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AuthorBernd Uhde
Format11.8 x 11.8 inches
Size120 pages, hardcover, thread-stitching

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