Jan Meyer - Peintures

Jan Meyer Peintures

Jan Meyer

This monograph about Jan Meyer is intended by his sons Julian and Igor as a memorial to a great artist. Great not only because of his talent (he was awarded
the Prix de Rome at a very young age), but also because of his very individual
and authentic style, which became known as lyric abstraction. Jan Meyer used
huge knives and brushes to leave a thick relief of paint on the canvas, and his paintings are full of expression, colour and movement.

Jan and Mechtilt – his wife and the mother of Julian and Igor – met at the
Amsterdam Art Academy. After a short year in Rome they moved to the north
of Paris. The artistic family was anything but traditional. Julian and Igor didn’t
grow up in the sandpit like most children, but in the laps of Picasso and Romain
Gary. The flat was full of African art, which the boys played, and the music of
Leonard Cohen could be heard in the background.
And this is the spirit that Julian and Igor were imbued with. Both work in the
arts today and surround themselves, like their parents, with artists and writers.
As Julian says, ‘Our parents gave us the eye for it.’

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AuthorJan Meyer
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