Olaf Reys - Wear your Face

Olaf Reys Wear your Face

New Perspectives on Man

One of the most exciting photography book projects of this year: 45 photographers
and artists from around the world pay creative tribute to the call to document
“Wear your Face”. These include renowned names such as Erwin Wurm, Art Streiber, Matthias Vriens McGrath, Frederike Helwig, Michel Comte, Nigel Parry and Rankin,
and also many exciting and exceptional newcomers.

The collection spans portraits of men across age, race and gender norms. From
highly recognizable celebrities like Bono, Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro,
Ryan Gosling, George Clooney to unknowns.

The imagery is touching, powerful, disturbing, at times aggressive, and always overwhelmingly beautiful in its diversity. It is imagery that bravely opens the debate
on what “Wear your Face” means.

“Today the male public image is multifaceted and malleable, presenting a kaleidoscope of diversity and sophistication. The book "Wear your Face" is a visual documentation of how far society has moved towards a more tolerant interpretation of masculinity – and femininity.” Olaf Reys

The book is supported by Braun GmbH und BBDO Proximity GmbH.
With the purchase of this book you support UNICEF.

the 45 photographers are:
Lado Alexi
Charlotte Boeyden
Lars Borges
David Byun
Jean-François Carly
Michel Comte
Tom Craig
Nikolai De Vera
Alexander Gnädinger
Marc Gouby
Esther Haase
Frederike Helwig
Peter Hönnemann
Rainer Hosch
Barrie Hullegie
Robert Jaso
Daniel Josefsohn
Ali Kepenek
Carl Kleiner
Martin Klimas
Karel Kuehne
Felix Larher
Miko Lim
Tobias Lundkvist
Anthony Maule
Byron Mollinedo and Greve
Armin Morbach
Philipp Mueller
Kei Ogata
Erwin Olaf
Nigel Parry
Rico Scagliola und Michael Meier
Martin Schoeller
Rene Schenouda
Lucas Chimello Simões
Alfred Steffen
Art Streiber
Donna Trope
Matthias Vriens-McGrath
Neil Wilder
WK Interact
Erwin Wurm

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AuthorOlaf Reys
Format240 x 340 mm
Size248 pages, 240 images, Hardcover, Stapled thread