- The new POLADARIUM 2014

The new POLADARIUM 2014

Each day of the year a new Pola and its story taken by another photographer.
Order now and save your copy. Delivery starts 15th September!!

A tear-off calendar of the sort you will remember from your grandmother's kitchen. Every day this calendar reveals a new Pola photo, each with its own little story. In this way, you will discover little jewels from both well-known photographers and newcomers throughout the whole year. On the front of each calendar page there is a Pola, on the back there is a short description of the background to the photo and information about the photographer. An eye-catching little gem for desks, window sills, kitchen tables, shelves, displays and night stands.

365 lovingly selected Polass, printed using highquality techniques with a gloss
finish on special paper, supplied in a beautifully designed collector's box.
The perfect gift for anyone who loves old Polas and real photography!

Our jury 2014:
Ann-Christin Bertrand, c/o Berlin, photogallery
Prof. Achim Heine, Impossible Project
Esther Haase, international fine art photographer
Oscar Ramos Orozco, Designer
Prof. Manfred Schmalriede, Founder International Academy of photography

Thanks to all the contributors worldwide for the great Polas!
Be part of POLADARIUM 2015. The Call for Entries is online now: www.poladarium.de/c4e Upload your instant photos. Now!

inkl. 19% MwSt.
EditorRaban Ruddigkeit, Lars Harmsen, Oliver Seltmann
Art-DirectionBoris Kahl
Edition2. Auflage Softbox
Format88 x 107
Size380 pages, glued, photos with glossy finish

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