- Dancing Walls

Thomas Kellner Dancing Walls

2003-2006 / With an introduction by Alison Nordström

The Photographic View on the Interior

This illustrated book from 2007 contains works by photo-artist Thomas
Kellner where he concentrates on building’s interiors instead of facades.
Kellner traveled to China, Mexico, Italy, UK and to the US, to capture
interiors of for example museums and libraries in fragments. Each object’s
individual architectural style and vibrant colors define the constitution of
the images which were produced between 2003 and 2006. Among the objects you
find diverse examples as the MCA in Chicago or the Hotel Mexico in Mexico
City. The German and English introduction to Kellner’s work is given by
Alison Nordström, curator of photography at the George Eastman House,
International Museum of Photography and Film in Rochester, USA.

„Kellner’s recent shift of subject from iconic architectural monuments to
the quieter differently purposed spaces of museums, libraries, and palaces
that have become concert venues has significant metaphorical implications
though its irony remains. His early, somewhat distant images of monuments
such as the Eiffel Tower, the White House, and the Brandenburg gate often
seemed intended to portray symbolic sites of power as they crumbled or
exploded, manifesting Yeats’s apocalyptic vision that “Things fall apart.
The center will not hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.” Although
still strikingly self-reflexive in terms of the photographic process, the
new work, focusing on interiors and sites of cultural production, evokes a
somewhat different feeling than the overtones of shattering destruction that
characterized his treatment of iconic buildings and monuments. This gentler,
more delicate work, suggests a harmonious and organic rhythm, which Kellner
himself refers to as a “vibration” or a “dancing glance” that delineates a
built space like a living, breathing being, and suggests, perhaps, the quiet
human use it has been put to.”

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PhotographerThomas Kellner
Format20 x 20
SizeSize 80 pages, Hardcover, bounded

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