Last copys available! AMERICAN 1996-2009

"AMERICAN finalized Werner Amann photographic long-term project, which began in 1996 and 2009 ended. The photographs were taken in the U.S. cities of Los Angel... Read on »

Congratulation: 1st place IPA Award 2014 DREAM SEQUENCE

Dream sequence oscillates around the portraiture of unconventional fictional figures seen "at the crossroads between fashion, photography, performance and art&... Read on »

Moroccan motorcycle culture Desert Rebels

Barren mountains, endless sand dunes: In the middle of the desert,a tuned motorbike struggles up a heap of sand. Photographer Steffen Schulte-Lippern and the graphi... Read on »

Preorder last day The new POLADARIUM 2015

Now the Polaroid tear-off calendar is published for the fourth time, revealing for every day in 2015 an instant image with its own little story. 365 times, the cale... Read on »

An unpolished journey in Nordic identity and life The Nordic Book

The Nordic Book unfolds the highlights of photographer Søren Rønholts travels in the Nordic countries. He has been photographing landscapes and people... Read on »

Germany’s best portrait photographers Portraitalbum 03

Inspiration and orientation for photographers & creatives With portraitalbum 03, the 17 th book in the series of thematically organized photography yearbooks... Read on »

A photographic study of Berliner graffiti writers Burning down the house

WINNERBOOK INTERN. PHOTOBOOKFESTIVAL KASSEL 2013 “To be a writer is a big secret. It’s the biggest secret that I keep from my parents. You don’... Read on »

Tales about the pursuit of perfection in an imperfect world Trouble in Paradise

In the three conceptual chapters of this book, Christoph presents his impressions of our postmodern society, dominated by the paradox of the self. The individual st... Read on »

Das neue Jahrbuch ist da! BERLINER TYPE 2013

The submissions to the 45th Berliner Type 2013 showed an impressive quality in addition to their great variety – enthusiasm included! In summary, the BERLINER... Read on »

Der Fotobuchklassiker zur Tour de France CAPTURED.

Nur noch wenige Exemplare lieferbar!

For 10 years the photographer Tino Pohlmann has accompanied, lived and suffered with the Tour de France. The pictures &ldq... Read on »

The 2nd edition is now available! Through a Soldier's Lens – Europe in the fifties

Beginning in 1954, on assignment for the US Army, Perlmutter traveled through Europe. The Book “Europe in the Fifties. Through a Soldier’s Lens” s... Read on »

Now available! WHO MAGAZINE

WHO MAGAZINE showcases portraits of people and places that are symbolizing contemporary streams. WHO MAGAZINE is portraying tv and filmstars and supermodels as well... Read on »

Gesucht und gefunden: Die besten Fotoserien geschossen+gedruckt 2014

Zum 10-jährigen Jubiläum des Fotopreises wurde erstmals die »beste unveröffentlichte Fotoserie« gesucht — und gefunden!... Read on »

Exclusive in our Shop: AFGHANISTAN Edition

PREORDER HERE! Special Edition with Box and Print Print run 99 Copies Printed on Hahnemühle FineArt Baryta stamped, signed and numbered on the back Shee... Read on »

Vorankündigung AFGHANISTAN

The involvement of the German Armed Forces in Afghanistan ends in 2014. For over ten years, German soldiers have risked their lives as part of the ISAF mission. ... Read on »

The best of corporate design and branding CORPORATE DESIGN PREIS 2013

This is the sixteenth time the jury has awarded the prize in the competition for pioneering and outstanding corporate design and branding concepts from Europe. This... Read on »

Grosse Buch Release Party 27.3. Hamburg My Black Skin

In „My Black Skin“ zeigen 25 afrodeutsche Persönlichkeiten mit Stolz das, was unübersehbar ist: ihre dunkle Haut. Doch dieses Buch ist mehr al... Read on »

Deutschlands beste Autofotografen stellen sich vor! autoalbum 03

Der 3 Band aus der erfolgreichen Autofotografen-Albenserie fährt vor! Ein unverzichtbares Buch für alle, die sich für zeitgenössische und angewa... Read on »

1. Place IPA Award 2014 DREAM SEQUENCE

Dream sequence oscillates around the portraiture of unconventional fictional figures seen "at the crossroads between fashion, photography, performance and art&... Read on »

Journey into the future – Stop #2 GUDYM - Stadt ohne Namen

ANNOUNCEMENT The first stop on Sergey Shestakov’s journey was Chernobyl and Pripyat, where he created a testament to nuclear nightmare. The second stop is ... Read on »

The Colors of Snow – Bernd Uhde’s Search for Traces in Landscapes of Silence White Album

An impressionistic shimmer of dark smears on backgrounds of bright expanse. Patterns of scattered marks and feathery plexus on white ground. Horizontal and vertical... Read on »

Winner Fotobookfestival Kassel MICHELLE

An unusual meeting between an eccentric, well-known “Original” and a young photographer. Michelle und Carmen Catuti got to know each other in Dortmun... Read on »

Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie Berlin Märkisches Viertel

Fotografische Seminar-Abschlussarbeit von 9 Fotografen an der Ostkreuzschule Berlin mit Andreas Mühe und Sebastian Treytnar. Thema: "Das Märksiche Vi... Read on »

Gören ohne Perlenohrring Ralf-Rainer Odenwald

Der Begriff GÖREN, sagt Ralf-Rainer Odenwald, meint etwa Jugendliche, die in ihrer Selbstfindung unfertig, in ihrer Anmutung frech, frei und in sich wild, oder... Read on »

Die Form ist der höchste Inhalt Joachim Albrecht

Joachim Albrecht – ein Romantiker der konkreten Kunst? Wenn wir heute auf die Geschichte ungegenständlicher Malerei zurückblicken, können wir ... Read on »


Das Poladarium 2015 kann ab sofort vorbestellt werden: 16/07/14 - 15:27

Das Buch "Burning down the house" kommt!! Subskriptionspreis vom 1. Juli bis 1. August 2014! Nur 45,00 € statt regulär 59,00 €. 07/07/14 - 19:13

Wow!! "Through a soldier's lens" by Bill Perlmutter won the german photobookprize in silver!! 19/11/13 - 09:49

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